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Liquid Damage MacBook Repair

Liquid Damage MacBook Repair

Liquid Damage MacBook Repair is always doable, although it is challenging to repair if you are non-technical. Please be careful of online advice regarding allowing your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to dry out or to try internal cleaning with alcohol.

Even minor spills can present complicated issues, so you’ll need the help of a genuine expert. You need a specialist’s help to minimise the risk of further damage and increase the cost to repair successfully.

Liquid Damage MacBook Repair

Corrosion occurs when you combine electricity, metal, water and oxygen, creating iron oxide (more commonly known as rust). 

London Mac Repairs have 30 years of experience in MacBook liquid damage repairs and can help you avoid a disaster.

Corrosion is a process which converts refined metals to their more stable oxide. It is the gradual deterioration of materials (usually metals) by a chemical reaction within their environment. 

This process can occur anytime, and there is no strict timescale; a MacBook’s internal components can begin corroding immediately after the spill. In some cases, your Mac can function normally for days, weeks, or even months without showing any obvious sign of a problem.

How fast the corrosion process takes depends on various factors we cannot control, like humidity, the spill’s severity, and how long the device remained in contact with the liquid.

The best advice is not to power on or use the MacBook until you enlist a professional to handle the damage. Luckily, we have 30 years of experience in spill damage repairs…


Most repair shops will tell you they can repair your liquid damaged computer, however the techniques used are almost always temporary solutions to the problem, overpriced & performed by under-qualified technicians.

  • We specialise in all Mac repairs.
  • 30 Years Experience.
  • We are expert logic board repair service experts.
  • All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts often sold at cost price.
  • We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates.

Liquid damage to Mac computers not covered by warranty!

Damage to Mac laptops due to liquid exposure is not covered by the Apple One Year Limited Warranty or the AppleCare Protection Plan. Read more here

We focused our skills on the repair of Apple Mac computers, desktops and laptops since the late 1980s… From a non-starting iMac to a dropped or broken MacBook – whatever the problem, let LMR help you get your Mac working again with a fast and efficient Mac repair. London Mac Repairs – the independent Mac repair service where you can get an immediate appointment and quick turnaround on any Mac repair.

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